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Reclaiming Wisdom through building community.

Humanity is one giant neural network of consciousness. As we become more authentic, embodied, and related beings, we will find expression, expansion, and healing through being in community with others. 

Lee Warren is a devoted community builder. She is delighted by community of all kinds, shapes, sizes, and intentions. Her life purpose is to provide leadership in the building of community in accessible, natural, and blissful ways. To that end, she is committed to reweaving cosmologies as well as regenerating cultural wisdom that allows for us all to “return to the village.”

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Upcoming Events

Introduction to the Enneagram for Community Seekers—January 28, 2022

A free mini-course through the FIC (Foundation for Intentional Community) Community Toolkit Essentials: An Introduction to the Enneagram Learn how understanding the enneagram & your own enneatype can make you a better communitarian January 28, 20221pm to 3pm Eastern | Online In order to truly connect with your community, you need to start by having […]

End of Life Planning & Paperwork Support Call—February 11, 2022

Free Event! End of Life COMMUNITY SUPPORT CALL Supporting each other in planning and paperwork completion. For Past Participants of the End-of-Life Workshop Series.   Happening ONLINE via Zoom: February 11, 2022 1-3pm Eastern   Connect with others who are also contemplating important end-of-life questions and preparing their documents.  Description: Recent participants have suggested a […]

Becoming a Communitarian—Five Week Series—Starts February 19, 2022

In Partnership with the Foundation for Intentional Communities Becoming a Communitarian Embark on a transformative journey towards community. Five Week Course, Starts February 19, 2022, Online In order to experience true community, we are each called upon to do deep work. We must step into our sovereignty as individuals and our capacity for emotional intimacy as […]

End of Life Planning & Paperwork Workshop—April 1 & 8, 2022

Two Part Workshop Series with Lee Warren End of Life Planning & Paperwork Workshop Honor your life and your loved ones by preparing for your death! Join us for this two-part ONLINE series.   8 Hours at the following times: Part 1: Friday, April 1, 2022. 2-6pm Eastern Part 2: Friday, April 8, 2022. 2-6pm […]

Village Economics—The In’s & Out’s of Money & Wealth at Earthaven Ecovillage—Self-Paced Online Course

A self-paced online course through Earthaven Ecovillage Village Economics at Earthaven Ecovillage The Ins and Outs of Money and Wealth at Earthaven Ecovillage Self-Paced Online CourseCost: 35 A viable economy is a key component to the success of all ecovillage and residential community projects. Yet, in stark contrast to the predatory, industrial, and highly consumptive […]
Articles & Podcasts

Featuring Lee Warren

Dear Ancestors: here’s what I Need from you as I Unwind this Generational Trauma.

As I continue to dive more deeply into therapy, I notice many threads connecting me to my family lineage. My mother and my grandmother’s lives, impacted by the fates and the choices of even further back generations, seep through to my own life in significant ways. It doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch […]

My One Dating Nonnegotiable.

Artwork by Historically, women and men entered into marriage largely as a practical financial arrangement. Women because there was no other way to survive in the world other than finding a husband to provide for them, and men because they relied on the free labor of women to produce and care for their […]

Introduction to the Enneagram in Community Video Replay

Video Replay In Partnership with the Foundation for Intentional Communities Introduction to the Enneagram in Community Learn how understanding the enneagram & your own enneatype can make you a better communitarian Initially Hosted on September 27, 2021 | 11am to 1pm Eastern | Online In order to truly connect with your community, you need to […]

Interview with Communitarian Lee Warren

  Join us for a conversation with Lee Warren, community resident, founder, and educator with 25 years and counting as a communitarian. Lee has a fascinating story and useful perspective as someone who has spent a majority of their life in intentional community, mostly at Earthaven Ecovillage in North Carolina. Lee is now teaching about the ins […]

Zones of Intimacy

Introduction The Zones of Intimacy is a conceptual framework that helps us intentionally design and structure our relational lives for the most conscious outcomes. The Zones of Intimacy are best described by the image of concentric circles making up five spaces or zones. In the very center of those circles is Zone 0 and each […]

Interview with Lee Warren on Awakening Consciousness Podcast

 From the Show Notes: ⁣Today we have a special guest on our show! Asher and Jesse interview Lee Warren from Earthaven Ecovillage. On Awakening Consciousness, we talk a lot about community building and the importance of building community especially in times like these. What better way to explore this topic more than to chat […]
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Shared Experiences

  • Patrick Davis, MA
  • Evalena Rose
  • Teri Grunthaner
  • Keary Jenkins
  • Patrick Davis, MA

    Hospice Chaplin & Leadership Coach

    “After 25 years of coaching leaders and teams, I have found Lee’s Relational Leadership workshop to be a unique and powerful combination of both practical tools and effective leadership  principles. Her proven experience leading different causes makes for an approach that balances both head and heart.” 

  • Evalena Rose

    Meta Therapist & Channel

    "Lee is an experienced and truly competent guide in the vast landscapes of end of life plans. Her thoughtful pacing helps us navigate the territory of decisions to make, who to involve, emotions and choices. Being supported in preparing for this rite of passage by creating our death care team settles a lot in me. I highly recommend. Everyone involved will benefit."

  • Teri Grunthaner

    Re: Thriving in Community Workshop

    "This course covers the vital social-emotional aspects of community that just isn't talked about openly enough. I so appreciated Lee's candid sharing of her own experience and warm encouragement of our own self-reflection. I truly believe that if more folks did the kind of personal and interpersonal work Lee outlines in this course, more communities would thrive!"

  • Keary Jenkins

    Executive Vice President & Wellness Coordinator

    "When I heard Lee say, "functional teams demonstrate communication, transparency, and trust," in her Relational Leadership workshop, it changed everything for me. I'm being that change in my workplace and finding others who resonate with that change. It is having impact with everyone in the entire organization, including the CEO. Employees who felt powerless in the past are now starting to light up. Our work ecology is changing and the transformation is beyond powerful."