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Through an Intimacy with All of Life

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Welcome to Lee Warren’s Website, Reclaiming Wisdom

Intimacy is the marriage of mysticism and embodiment. Without mysticism we become too serious and without embodiment we become too spacey.

When we have a deeper relationship with self, land, and others, we discover the sacred, sane, pleasurable, integrated, cohesive, and connected web of life.

Let’s support each other to find, nourish, expand, create, and reside in these sacred places.

My role in that vision is to be a beacon for folks on that journey. 

I am committed to finding our way there together through inquiry, intuition, integrity, and connection to the mystery.

I am committed to the reclaiming, reweaving, recreating, and reinhabiting the Wisdom Ways.  Please join me.

Lee Warren of Reclaiming Wisdom

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

~Joseph Campbell

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Upcoming Education

Touching the Pulse of God: Ecstatic Secrets for Men (and Those Who Love Them)—June 7-9, 2024

An IN-PERSON Weekend Workshop (June 7-9) near Asheville, NC Touching the Pulse of God: Ecstatic Sexual Secrets for Men (and Those Who Love Them) with Sacred Intimate Kenneth Darby and Sex & Intimacy Coach Brad Amberheart A journey of discovery, reverence for men’s pleasure, and increased repertoire of practices that allow for more sexual aliveness.  […]

Building Intimacy in Community, A Workshop with Brynn Bishop, Sept. ’24

An IN-PERSON Weekend Workshop with Brynn Bishop Building Intimacy in Community Rewire your brain and body for deep connection Asheville or Black Mountain, NC September 27, 28, & 29, 2024 Friday Evening, 6:30-9:30pm Saturday, 9:30am to 5:00pm Sunday, 9:30am to 5:00pm In this two and a half day workshop, we will explore, in a sacred […]

End-of-Life Preparation 13-week Immersion Course, Fall 2024

A Deep Dive into Death Literacy, Empowerment, Conscious Dying Practice End-of-Life Preparation A 13-week Immersion Course from Fall Equinox to Winter Solstice 2024 This is a practical, emotional, spiritual and community building journey for folks of all ages and stages! Embark on a transformative 13-week adventure delving into the profound realms of Death Literacy, Empowerment, […]

Intimacy with Death, Intimacy with Life—A Mystical & Tantric Journey Towards Ecstasy, Embodiment, and Exquisite Aliveness

@TimJeffsArt A Six-Month Deep Dive Intimacy with Death, Intimacy with Life —A Mystical & Tantric Journey Towards Ecstasy, Embodiment, and Exquisite Aliveness.  Join us for this six-month retreat…. Month 1: Death is Good News! Month 2: Embodied Living & Dying  Month 3: Surrendering to the Golden Thread Month 4: Death in Community, Rebuilding the Village Month […]

Walking Towards A Good Death—An Invitation for Internal Preparation—Audio Replay

With Mary Lane & Lee Warren Walking Towards A Good Death —An Invitation for Internal Preparation Buy the Audio Recording of this four-part online series. This series ran for the last time in February and March of 2023. The audio recordings are available for purchase.  Purchase Access To the Audio Classes “The only security in […]

Becoming a Communitarian—Pre-Recorded Online Course

In Partnership with the Foundation for Intentional Communities Becoming a Communitarian Embark on a transformative journey towards community. Becoming a Communitarian Course Registration Join us for a transformative journey into self literacy, community living, and culture repair Pre-Recorded, 10 Hour, Online Course In order to experience true community, we are each called upon to do […]
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Featuring Lee Warren

Beginner’s Checklist for End-of-Life Document Preparation—The Three Buckets of Paperwork

Beginner’s Checklist for End-of-Life Document Preparation—Three Buckets of Paperwork One of the most practical aspects of end-of-life preparation is the paperwork. But it can be overwhelming without the working knowledge of what this looks like on a concrete level. Fortunately, it’s simpler than you might think. I have arranged them into what I call “The Three Buckets” of […]

Film Screening & Discussion of “The Last Ecstatic Days”

Film Screening & Discussion of “The Last Ecstatic Days” Friend, Join me for a virtual film screening on Wednesday, April 3 at 7pm EASTERN. “The Last Ecstatic Days” is a 1 hour and 13 minute film that will change your life. We’ll watch the film together (on the Kinema platform) followed by integration and discussion. Buy Tickets for the Film Screening HERE About the Film […]

Healing Trauma through the Gentle Art of Self Reparenting, March 3, ’24

An On-Line workshop with Damon Sean Dickinson Trauma Healing through Reparenting the Self Discover thriving, aliveness, and the deepest of healing through the gentle, accessible, and effective art of Becoming Your Own LOVING PARENT! Saturday, March 2, 2024 10am to 1pm This is an online workshop using Zoom. The Importance of Reparenting… Healing The Past […]

Life Updates February 2024

Past, Present, and FutureA Snapshot & Personal Update February 2024 I’ve had so many changes in my life over the past year. I’m not much of a “share-er” on social media and my process tends to be so deep that it’s hard for me to reflect in the midst of it. Sending out a newsletter […]

Death & Dying in Community Workshop-Feb 20-22

In collaboration with the FIC (Foundation for Intentional Community) Death & Dying in Community Join end-of-life educator Lee Warren for a 2-part exploration of end of life literacy, death positivity, and the conscious dying movement in community A 2-part Online Workshop Tuesday, February 20 & Thursday, February 22, 2024 Pacific: 9-11am Mountain: 10am-12pm Central: 11am-1pm […]

Moving Away from Appropriation of Death Traditions to Reclaim our own Lineage and History

As a third generation American of European descent I recall feeling surprise when I realized that others identify me as “white.” My family, descending from Italian and Eastern European ancestry, came to the US in the early 1900’s. In those early years, my working class family members were seen as immigrants and second class citizens. […]
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