Through Sacred Relating with Self, Land, and Others

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Intimacy is the marriage of mysticism and embodiment. Without mysticism we become too serious and without embodiment we become too spacey.

When we have a deeper relationship with self, land, and others, we discover the sacred, sane, pleasurable, integrated, cohesive, and connected web of life.

Let’s support each other to find, nourish, expand, create, and reside in these sacred places.

My role in that vision is to be a beacon for folks on that journey. 

I am committed to finding our way there together through inquiry, intuition, integrity, and connection to the mystery.

I am committed to the reclaiming, reweaving, recreating, and reinhabiting the Wisdom Ways.  Please join me.

Lee Warren of Reclaiming Wisdom

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

~Joseph Campbell

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Upcoming Education

Walking Towards A Good Death—An Invitation for Internal Preparation—Feb-March 2023

With Mary Lane & Lee Warren Walking Towards A Good Death —An Invitation for Internal Preparation Join us for this four-part online series.   Week 1: Sunday, February 19, 2023. 4-6pm Week 2: Sunday, February 26, 2023. 4-6pm Week 3: Sunday, March 5, 2023. 4-6pm Week 4: Sunday, March 12, 2023. 4-6pm   All times […]

The Social Art of Natural Death Care—March 2023

Workshop with Sandy LaGrega The Social Art of Natural Death Care In Swannanoa, NC (at the Center for Conscious Living & Dying) Join us for this IN-PERSON Workshop. Includes the following times: Friday, March 24, 2023. 6:30 to 9:30pm Saturday, March 25, 2023. 9am-4pm. Sunday, March 26, 2023. 10am-1pm Times are Eastern Time Zone. “Let […]

End of Life Planning & Paperwork Workshop—August 2023

Two Part Workshop Series with Lee Warren End of Life Planning & Paperwork Workshop Honor your life and your loved ones by preparing for your death! Join us for this two-part ONLINE series. 8 Hours at the following times: Part 1: Sunday, August 20, 2023. 2-6pm  Part 2: Sunday, August 27, 2023. 2-6pm  Times are […]

People Care—An Overview of the Social, Emotional, and Relational Aspects of Life at Earthaven Ecovillage—Self-Paced Online Course

A self-paced online course through Earthaven Ecovillage People Care at Earthaven Ecovillage An Overview of the Social, Emotional, and Relational Aspects of Village Life Self-Paced Online CourseCost: $35 Culture at Earthaven Ecovillage is both intentionally and organically created based on both the people who come together and the purpose they hold dear. Examine the invisible […]

Village Economics—The In’s & Out’s of Money & Wealth at Earthaven Ecovillage—Self-Paced Online Course

A self-paced online course through Earthaven Ecovillage Village Economics at Earthaven Ecovillage The Ins and Outs of Money and Wealth at Earthaven Ecovillage Self-Paced Online CourseCost: $35 A viable economy is a key component to the success of all ecovillage and residential community projects. Yet, in stark contrast to the predatory, industrial, and highly consumptive […]

Place-Based Living—An Overview of the Regenerative Systems at Earthaven Ecovillage—Self-Paced Online Course

A self-paced online course through Earthaven Ecovillage Place-Based Living at Earthaven Ecovillage An Overview of our Regenerative Systems Self-Paced Online CourseCost: $35 Visitors to Earthaven Ecovillage are often surprised to hear that we are not yet fully sustainable or 100% self-sufficient. This online workshop helps define the context and describe the journey of moving from […]
Articles & Podcasts

Featuring Lee Warren

Free Introduction to the Enneagram—July 13, 2022

Free Event in Partnership with the FIC (Foundation for Intentional Community) Using the Enneagram to Become a Better Communitarian Learn how understanding the enneagram & your own enneatype can make you a better communitarian July 13, 202212pm to 1:30pm Eastern | Online In order to truly connect with your community, you need to start by […]
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Making Friends with Death – A New Community Project

Online Community with Mary Lane of Divine Nourishment Making Friends with Death Transforming our Relationship with Death A Monthly Subscription to a Positive Death Community Mary Lane is devoting energy to the conversation that supports the transformation that reweaves death back into the sacred tapestry of life and love. She is having rich, deep, transformative […]

Enneagram Summaries for All Nine Types

Enneagram Type Summaries For aiding the process of sacred self inquiry  An Overview leading up to the three part series:Enneagram For Sacred Self Inquiry & Deeper Intimacy with the Soul on May 8, 15, & 22, 2022

The Healing Room with Joseph Aldo

My interview of Joseph Aldo in January 2022. More information about the Healing Room and Joseph Aldo.

7 Life-Review Questions for the Living & the Dying

This article first appeared in Elephant Journal. I wanted to call it “We all die alone” but the editors thought no one would click on it. I disagree. But the message still comes through. There were 200 people at the funeral. A brilliant and beautiful young woman had died suddenly in a car crash. Funerals […]

Becoming a Steward of the Commons Podcast Interview of Lee Warren on Inside Community Podcast

    Transcript Rebecca Mesritz 0:00 The inside community podcast is sponsored by the Foundation for intentional community. The FIC has been working to promote the community’s movement for over 35 years with educational programs, publications and videos and incredible communities directories, scholarships, and more. If you’d like to learn more about the FDIC, or […]
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Shared Experiences

  • Patrick Davis, MA

    Hospice Chaplin & Leadership Coach

    “After 25 years of coaching leaders and teams, I have found Lee’s Relational Leadership workshop to be a unique and powerful combination of both practical tools and effective leadership  principles. Her proven experience leading different causes makes for an approach that balances both head and heart.” 

  • Evalena Rose

    Meta Therapist & Channel

    "Lee is an experienced and truly competent guide in the vast landscapes of end of life plans. Her thoughtful pacing helps us navigate the territory of decisions to make, who to involve, emotions and choices. Being supported in preparing for this rite of passage by creating our death care team settles a lot in me. I highly recommend. Everyone involved will benefit."

  • Teri Grunthaner

    Re: Thriving in Community Workshop

    "This course covers the vital social-emotional aspects of community that just isn't talked about openly enough. I so appreciated Lee's candid sharing of her own experience and warm encouragement of our own self-reflection. I truly believe that if more folks did the kind of personal and interpersonal work Lee outlines in this course, more communities would thrive!"

  • Keary Jenkins

    Executive Vice President & Wellness Coordinator

    "When I heard Lee say, "functional teams demonstrate communication, transparency, and trust," in her Relational Leadership workshop, it changed everything for me. I'm being that change in my workplace and finding others who resonate with that change. It is having impact with everyone in the entire organization, including the CEO. Employees who felt powerless in the past are now starting to light up. Our work ecology is changing and the transformation is beyond powerful."

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