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Thriving in Community

Hosted by the Foundation for Intentional Communities

Aging Gracefully in Community

A Five Week Online Course

Starts October 26, 2022

How do you imagine your life as you age? Do you envision spending time with loving friends and supportive neighbors? Contributing from a place of abundant experience? Enjoying both freedom and connection in a vibrant village?

Loneliness has risen along with longevity in a society that fails to provide a meaningful place for its aging population. You too may worry about missing the richness of community in life’s later years.

Intentional communities offer a radically different approach to the journey of becoming older. 

Contrasted with the typical retirement community, an intentional community can provide a culture that centers on:

  •  Elderhood
  •  Intergenerational relationships
  •  Thoughtful design
  •  Empowerment
  •  Care for the whole person

For the newly created Aging Gracefully in Community course, we’ve brought together four passionate and experienced instructors to unpack both the challenges and opportunities of aging in community. 

You’ll learn about the many variations of senior cohousing, explore the concept of eldering, and discuss the intergenerational dynamics that impact aging in an intentional community. With their support, you’ll also examine the realities of getting older and the often unexplored topic of dying in community. 

Key Course Outcomes

  • Clarity on your options for aging in place and in community
  • Useful perspective for how to step into elderhood
  • Plans for a program of neighborly mutual support (co-care)
  • Understanding for how inter-dependance supports in-dependance
  • Knowledge for how to handle intergenerational dynamics in a multi-age community
  • Advice for navigating the dying process, caregivers, and grief
  • Ability to foster a culture of care and create a team of caregivers
  • Having embraced the realities of how needs typically change as you grow older
  • Knowing the limits of community care for giving and disability
  • Explored the nuances of life in community and how to decide what’s best for you

This course is hosted by, The Foundation for Intentional Community (FIC). Lee Warren is one of five instructors presenting for this course.

For Information & Registration:

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Shared Experiences

  • Patrick Davis, MA
  • Evalena Rose
  • Teri Grunthaner
  • Keary Jenkins
  • Patrick Davis, MA

    Hospice Chaplin & Leadership Coach

    “After 25 years of coaching leaders and teams, I have found Lee’s Relational Leadership workshop to be a unique and powerful combination of both practical tools and effective leadership  principles. Her proven experience leading different causes makes for an approach that balances both head and heart.” 

  • Evalena Rose

    Meta Therapist & Channel

    "Lee is an experienced and truly competent guide in the vast landscapes of end of life plans. Her thoughtful pacing helps us navigate the territory of decisions to make, who to involve, emotions and choices. Being supported in preparing for this rite of passage by creating our death care team settles a lot in me. I highly recommend. Everyone involved will benefit."

  • Teri Grunthaner

    Re: Thriving in Community Workshop

    "This course covers the vital social-emotional aspects of community that just isn't talked about openly enough. I so appreciated Lee's candid sharing of her own experience and warm encouragement of our own self-reflection. I truly believe that if more folks did the kind of personal and interpersonal work Lee outlines in this course, more communities would thrive!"

  • Keary Jenkins

    Executive Vice President & Wellness Coordinator

    "When I heard Lee say, "functional teams demonstrate communication, transparency, and trust," in her Relational Leadership workshop, it changed everything for me. I'm being that change in my workplace and finding others who resonate with that change. It is having impact with everyone in the entire organization, including the CEO. Employees who felt powerless in the past are now starting to light up. Our work ecology is changing and the transformation is beyond powerful."