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Apartment For Sale

At Earthaven Ecovillage

For Sale Details….

The Apartments:

Hummingbird Apartment Combined with Dragon Apartment which is 864 square foot, 3 Bedrooms, 6 rooms. 

The Price:

For Sale Price: $132,500.

What’s Included:

The sale includes all the shared common infrastructure listed below.


Must become a member to purchase this unit. That process will likely take six months to 1 year.

Optional Structure:

Also, there are options for separate entrances in order to make more than one unit out of this (think mother-in-law suite, or a detached rental, or a studio, or office.)


Lease to own agreement available as well as owner financing.

Ownership Structure:

Ownership structure is cooperative ownership in the Village Terraces Housing Cooperative including 11 acres of land which means that all members have equal investment in the cooperative and a single share of ownership interest as well as a single equal vote in the  governance of the cooperative association. The purpose of this coop is to provide homestead housing and related facilities.

Systems Included:

  • Land Infrastructure:
    • All existing road work, driveways, and parketing areas
    • All existing walkways, common courtyards, etc.
    • All landscaping (pond, gardens, rockwork, fencing systems, etc of common outdoor spaces)
    • All orchards, gardens, farms
  • Electrical & Water Systems:
    • Solar Electric
    • Solar Hot Water
    • Grey Water
    • Rain Water
    • Spring Water
    • Well
  • Commonly Owned Building:
    • Kitchen – 576 sq. ft. (including appliances and other fixtures)
    • Common bath and kids area – 288 sq. ft.
    • Utility room with washing machine
    • Basement and Root Cellar
    • Outdoor deck space on two levels of common house
    • Firewood Sheds
    • Wood Shop
  • Garden & Orchard & Farms:
    • Five Acre Farm
    • Multiple Perennial Gardens and Orchards
    • Commonly owned Equipment


Get More Details

Purchasing this apartment, if you are new to Earthaven Ecovillage, will require renting for a minimum of six months, becoming a member of the Village Terraces Cohousing Neighborhood, and a member of Earthaven Ecovillage. It’s a process that may take one to two years.

All Apartments For Rent….

Dragon Apartment

Studio, 2 room, 3rd floor, $475 plus $75 per adult

Hummingbird Apartment

4 room, 2rd floor, Kitchen, $775 plus $75 per adult

Goddess Apartment

Studio, 2 room, 3rd floor, $475 plus $75 per adult

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Shared Experiences

  • Patricia Kyritsi Howell
  • Cat Matlock
  • Patricia Kyritsi Howell

    Writer, Teacher, Herbalist

    "Lee conveys the importance of end of life planning with humor and wisdom. Together our community group was able to thoughtfully explore these decisions we tend to avoid. The sense of relief many of us felt at the end of the day was palpable. What a gift for our friends and families as we take the burden of hard decisions off their shoulders by ensuring our wishes are known ahead of time! So grateful."

  • Cat Matlock

    Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, Entrepreneur

    "The End of Life workshop with Lee Warren helped me to organize my thoughts while also inviting me to honor my feelings and hopes for that time of life. Lee is an excellent facilitator."