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Through an Intimacy with All of Life

Apartment For Sale

At Earthaven Ecovillage

For Sale Details….

The Apartments:

Hummingbird Apartment combined with Dragon Apartment and Goddess Apartment which is 1,152 square foot and 8 rooms. 

The Price:

Sliding Scale Pricing starts at: $201,600 and goes to $155,400.

What’s Included:

The sale includes all the shared common infrastructure listed below.


Must become a member to purchase this unit. That process will likely take six months to 1 year.

Optional Structure:

Also, there are options for separate entrances in order to make more than one unit out of this (think mother-in-law suite, or a detached rental, or a studio, or office.)


Lease to own agreement available as well as owner financing.

Ownership Structure:

Ownership structure is cooperative ownership in the Village Terraces Housing Cooperative including 11 acres of land which means that all members have equal investment in the cooperative and a single share of ownership interest as well as a single equal vote in the  governance of the cooperative association. The purpose of this coop is to provide homestead housing and related facilities.

Systems Included:

  • Land Infrastructure:
    • All existing road work, driveways, and parketing areas
    • All existing walkways, common courtyards, etc.
    • All landscaping (pond, gardens, rockwork, fencing systems, etc of common outdoor spaces)
    • All orchards, gardens, farms
  • Electrical & Water Systems:
    • Solar Electric
    • Solar Hot Water
    • Grey Water
    • Rain Water
    • Spring Water
    • Well
  • Commonly Owned Building:
    • Kitchen – 576 sq. ft. (including appliances and other fixtures)
    • Common bath and kids area – 288 sq. ft.
    • Utility room with washing machine
    • Basement and Root Cellar
    • Outdoor deck space on two levels of common house
    • Firewood Sheds
    • Wood Shop
  • Garden & Orchard & Farms:
    • Five Acre Farm
    • Multiple Perennial Gardens and Orchards
    • Commonly owned Equipment


Get More Details

Purchasing this apartment, if you are new to Earthaven Ecovillage, will require renting for a minimum of six months, becoming a member of the Village Terraces Cohousing Neighborhood, and a member of Earthaven Ecovillage. It’s a process that may take one to two years.

All Apartments For Rent….

Dragon Apartment

Studio, 2 room, 3rd floor, $675 plus $85 per adult

Hummingbird Apartment

4 room, 2rd floor, Kitchen, $975 plus $85 per adult

Goddess Apartment

Studio, 2 room, 3rd floor, $675 plus $85 per adult

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