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Through an Intimacy with All of Life

Next Steps

1. Read the Apartment Information thoroughly including the About Us and About You page, the What to Expect page and the Rental Details page for the specific apartment you are interested in (and reread if necessary). It’s important for you to get a feel ahead of time to see if this is a good fit.

2. Feel free to add your name to the waitlist here for any apartment which will put you on our radar for your interest. We will be in touch if something opens up. To be proactive, please make sure to visit Earthaven and make sure it’s a fit for you.

3. If you interested in filling out the Rental Application Form,below, it will put you further along in the process.

4. If there is an apartment available, make sure to schedule an Earthaven tour and also make an appointment to see the apartment. An in-person Earthaven tour is a pre-requisite for seeing the apartment. Viewings are by appointment only.

Get More Details

Please read all of the below linked pages and fill out the application on the Next Steps page.

All Apartments For Rent….

Dragon Apartment

Studio, 2 room, 3rd floor, $625 plus $85 per adult

Hummingbird Apartment

4 room, 2rd floor, Kitchen, $925 plus $85 per adult

Goddess Apartment

Studio, 2 room, 3rd floor, $625 plus $85 per adult

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