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Through an Intimacy with All of Life

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Conscious Dying:

Turning Inward as a Profound Practice 

at Any Stage of Life

As we journey through life, focused on the things that matter to us, most of us rarely think about dying. In fact, in this culture (modern, Western), much of life is directed outward, in relentless pursuits and external achievements.

But that doesn’t change the fact that the profound transformation called death awaits each of us.

If we have the sacred opportunity to consciously contemplate our own death, we notice a shift occurring. The shift is movement from out to in, from chasing to receiving, from external validation to internal focus.

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I invite you to consider joining me in the fall for my 13-week End-of-Life Preparation Immersion course where we prepare both INTERNALLY and EXTERNALLY for death. During that process, I will specifically invite you to explore the sacred art of “Conscious Dying” (before you die) with an inward turn that guides us home to ourselves. This is an important and relevant process no matter what stage of life we’re at.

Conscious Dying Contemplation

In the moment of our death, the ultimate letting go awaits us. We must release not only our physical form but also our identities—the roles we played and the names we answered to.

I like to imagine it as the great unburdening, where everything that seemed so crucial to our survival becomes irrelevant. It’s a majestic invitation to drop all that we have carried, perhaps unnecessarily, through our years.

This turning inward isn’t a denial of the world but a deeper engagement with the essence of who we truly are.

After decades of looking outward for fulfillment and purpose, we begin to cherish the richness of simply being. In these profound moments we tune into the subtle rhythms of our existence.

This week, I encourage you to reflect on what turning inward means for you

  • What does it look like to begin releasing your hold on the tangible and start embracing the intangible? 
  • How can you cultivate a practice of being guided by the deep internal layers of yourself? 
  • How does that impact your daily life?
  • How can letting go become a practice of release, relief, and surrender?

Together, let us reframe death from a whispered fear to a profound dialogue. Let us hold space for each other in this most intimate unraveling, and in doing so, may we find that death is not an end but a luminous passage into the mystery.

End-of-Life Preparation Immersion Course:

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