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Through an Intimacy with All of Life
Village Economics

Private Link for those in the End-of-Life Planning Workshop

End of Life Resources

Contemplating death, ours and others’, is an empowering and important thing to do. 

Please do the following things before the workshop.

  • Set up a retreat like space near your computer that includes a photo of one or more beloved that has passed on to the spirit world. Also, feel free to include flowers and/or a candle.
  • Print out the following documents that can be found on further down on this page:
  • Have this webpage on hand as we will be referring to this page throughout the day together. Please have this pulled up in a browser tab or window.


Five Wishes


Health Care (Medical) Power of Attorney – A Legal Addition to Five Wishes

Support for End of Life

Specific Medical Orders

Medical Release & HIPAA

Death Certificate

Dementia Directive

Wrap Up Links


Disposition of Body

Declaration Regarding Disposition of Physical Body

Authorization for Cremation

Aquamation (Eco Friendship Alternative to Cremation)

Egg Capsule 

Green Burial in WNC

Composting of Bodies

Donation of Body:

Home Death Care

Home Funerals & Home Burials

Financial Resources

General Resources

Workshop Description, Details, Dates, & Registration

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