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Through an Intimacy with All of Life
End of Life Planning & Paperwork Workshop

The Tantra of Intimacy

Community, Relationships, Tantra

—Deepening into Embodiment

Intimacy with the Self & Others

  • Tantra is embodied intimacy. Intimacy with the self and all that means. Deep communion with both our erotic flow and our deep grief. 
  • Tantra is about being erotically alive in the midst of exactly what’s emerging in every moment.
  • Tantra is surrendering to the mystery of our existence and dying into the not knowing and surrendering fully to the river of life. 
  • Tantra is trusting our desires. Fully and freely. It means allowing, trusting, encouraging, and inviting pleasure into our lives as way of life, a means for healing, a compass for guiding, and a feedback mechanism for alignment. 
  • Tantra is becoming more and more embodied. So much so that the soul descends into the body and this eternal self is mixed and infused within our physical embodiment. This mingling of spirit and matter is the sacred union, literally heaven on earth.
  • Tantra is reclaiming sensuality and sexuality as our inherent, healthy, holistic, and beautiful birthright, which allows us to stay in touch with our playful, creative, imaginative, and juicy selves. 
  • Tantra is a doorway to the divine inside of us and others. Practices that allow us to contemplate and witness our own and others’ essences as the epitome of delight.
  • Tantra teaches us to open our inner flutes to play the instrument of us as we were designed to be. In all of our full genius and brilliance. 
  • The ancient definition for Tantra is “to weave.” When we open our flutes and let the wind of spirit flow through us, we weave our thoughts, emotions, energy, sensations. Ours and our lovers’. This wind sweeps through. Changing us and shaping us and growing our capacity for expansion. 
  • Tantra is the dance of delight in this temporary existence, with our awareness ever on the life/death/life cycles. 
  • Tantra welcomes all of life. Tantra transforms all of life. 

Tantra is primarily about uniting love, spirituality,
and sexuality with awarness. 

Tantra Offerings

Tantra Co-Heart

I coordinate a 9-month Embodied Tantra Training, Laboratory, & Mentorship Cohort for Advanced Practitioners. It’s a container in which we play, learn, embody, and expand into sacred tantra practices as taught by Evalena Rose. It’s hosted in Asheville, NC. We meet for two three-day and seven one-day immersions as well as 10 laboratory evenings. This is an invite only experience.

Please contact me (below) if you’re interested.

Relationship Retreats

Day-long Shamanic style journeys into the the erotic realms with your beloved. Assisted by plant spirit allies and human guides. Unwind and unknot past personal and relational trauma, work through challenges in relating, enhance and expand your relationship to self and other. In a sacred context you will be supported towards your highest expression of self and union.

Please contact me (below) if you’re interested.

Lee Warren

Lee has been passionate about intimacy her entire life. Intimacy with self, with others, with community, with land.

She’s been so blessed to be part of many experiments in relating including being raised in an extended family context, intentional community, ethical non-monogamy, traditional marriage, years of celibacy, BDSM/Kink Lifestyle, and Tantra.

Lee has been a student of Non-Violent Communication (NVC) for 25 years, has a background in Parts Work and Somatic Experience, is trauma trained and informed, has extensive experience in conflict resolution and mediation, and most importantly is delighted by the complexities of conscious relating.

In her own journey towards wholeness and healthy attachment to self and others, Lee has gathered many skills and perspectives that assist in the realms of relating.

“You stand exactly in the middle, poised between heaven and earth, a human conductor for the energy that seeks to flow between two polarities.”

~Margo Anand

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