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Through an Intimacy with All of Life

Free 7-day End-of-Life Preparation Mini-Course
Receive practical and mystical tips—at any age and stage.

End of Life Planning & Paperwork Workshop

A THREE-part Introductory series with Lee Warren

The Enneagram for Sacred Self Inquiry

—And a Deeper Intimacy with the Soul

Join me for this three-part online series.



Part 1: Sunday, May 8, 7-8:30pm

Part 2: Sunday, May 15, 7-8:30pm

Part 3: Sunday, May 22, 7-8:30pm

Times are Eastern (UTC-5 time zone).

Recipe for addressing our stuck parts:

  1. Noticing
  2. Making Space
  3. Getting Curious
  4. Becoming Friends

The Enneagram combined with gentle parts work can lead to profound awarenesses, insights, and integration.

Sneak Preview:

Video summaries of all nine types can be found here. This is a great way to assess my teaching style, my perspective on the enneagram, and how I will conduct the journey.

“The enneagram doesn’t put you in a box.
It shows you the box you’re in and how to get out of it.”. 

~Ian Cron

Workshop Description

We all have parts of us that are stuck in patterns of lack and fear and unworthiness.

As we unlock own internal mysteries we experience greater liberation from the places where we are consciously and unconsciously stuck. As we develop self understanding and a sense of wonder and witness, we begin hold ourselves and others more lightly.

The Enneagram, a personality profiling system based on exposing our personality’s defense systems, offers us a profound roadmap. This roadmap guides our personal transformation in ways that are specific to our individual psychology.

Exploring this dynamic path of awakening offers tremendous and expansive gifts. First and foremost it accentuates our relationship with the higher self, or soul, as we begin to distinguish it from our “false self.”

Additionally it enhances our self awareness, deepens our understanding of others,  increases relational intelligences, invites compassion, and drives our sacred curiosity. 

Nourishing our divinity increases our self-trust, self-care, and leads to a soul-guided life.


Join this introductory overview of the Enneagram and how it applies to living a more soulful life. It’s helpful to know your Enneagram type but not necessary. No prior Enneagram experience necessary and this information is applicable to all walks of life.

We will discuss the basics of the Enneagram, how to self type, the wings, the subtypes, and the suggestions for living a more soul-guided life. This LIVE workshop is mostly educational with some  discussion and integration components.

Simple awareness exercises for home study are available as well as an option for partner time. To get the most out of this introduction, plan to do additional reading and contemplation during these three weeks.

When we discover the ways in which we protect ourselves, we can paradoxically live a less armored and more fully alive life.

Curriculum & Schedule for May 2022 Series

Week 1—The Basics
May 8, 2022. 7-8:30pm (Eastern):

  • The 3 centers of intelligence.
  • The basic principles.
  • Ethical use of the Enneagram.
  • Finding your type.
  • The 9 types – an overview.
  • The vices & the virtues.

Week 2—The Wings & Inner Triangles
May 15, 2022. 7-8:30pm (Eastern):

  • The integration & disintegration points.
  • The wings. 
  • The pathways to liberation. 

Week 3—The Subtypes
May 22, 2022. 7-8:30pm (Eastern):

  • The subtypes.
  • The healthy, average, and unhealthy expressions.
  • Pathways of growth for each type.

This is a supportive group journey to discover our personal and collective freedom. The Enneagram stands out as a unique tool for sacred self inquiry.


Lee Warren

Lee Warren was introduced to the Enneagram in 2004 and has been fascinated ever since. It took her nearly a year to figure out her primary Enneagram type in part because of the “counter type” nature of her subtype and in part because she was spending lots of time in her disintegration point. 

Her nearly 30 years in residential intentional community has provided lots of opportunity for self and other reflection. And the Enneagram has been an invaluable tool. The process of sacred inquiry, guided by the teachings of the Enneagram, has been one of the most important personal growth support systems of her life. 

Lee has been fortunate to learn from so many fabulous US based enneagram teachers through their writings and teachings: Eli Jaxon Bear, Helen Palmer, Sandra Maitri, Hudson & Riso. Also, Asheville based Enneagram teacher Sandra Smith has been instrumental to the deepening process. 

Lee’s love of the Enneagram emerges from the following spiritual truths:

  • Our wounding patterns are often formed subconsciously and therefore need tender attention to be revealed.
  • How we defend ourselves often supports us getting exactly what we don’t want.
  • As we witness our patterns through a sacred inquiry process, we are able to integrate disowned parts of ourselves.
  • Liberation from our compulsive patterns is possible. 
  • Our soul is cheering us on and welcoming our consciousness to expand. 
  • Experiencing our Essential nature is a natural by-product of unhooking from our unhealthy belief systems.
  • Compassion arises when we understand ourselves and others. 

Lee has woven Enneagram education into her community building work as integral component towards creating sane and holistic culture. 

“For real transformation to occur, which means a shift in our soul’s center of gravity from the personality to Essence, we need to know ourselves as Essence in a way that is beyond doubt.”

~Sandra Maitri

Testimonials for Lee Warren’s Enneagram in Community Workshop:

  • ~Joseph Aldo

    “Lee Warren was a clear speaker and very well prepared. Each step of the way she guided us through the Enneagram and whether we were new or had previous experience, we were all able to follow the precepts laid forth in the class to better understand how the Enneagram works and its relationship to living in community. I would highly recommend to people anything that Lee Warren is doing based on this two hour class. Very gifted teacher.”

  • ~Jasmin Pamukcu

    “This was the best Enneagram workshop I’ve ever attended, and I’ve attended a bunch. The facilitator was grounded, thoughtful, caring, able to hold the space well. And compassionately holding space but getting through the content can be especially tough in Enneagram workshops, b/c vulnerable stuff always comes up. She did it so well. The content was well thought out, and had the perfect amount of detail. I loved the summaries, and also the thoughtful acknowledgments of practices and teachers. So clear that the facilitator just cares about making the world a better place and helping people. Hell yeah.”

  • ~Chris Roth

    “This session helped me understand and appreciate the Enneagram in ways I never have before–in fact, got me excited to explore it further. Lee’s holistic, personal approach helped me resonate, unexpectedly at times, with what she was presenting. Instead of seeming like another way to put people into boxes, which is how it’s sometimes seemed to me in the past, the Enneagram as presented by Lee seemed like a way to free people from their boxes. She helped me understand the underlying essentials of the approach and how to figure out my “type.” Thank you again for this session.”


  • ~Karen Maleski

    “It was an absolutely great overview of this amazing resource. . . so full of heartfelt acknowledgment and detailed enough to get some good insight. I really appreciated that Lee gave good pause when asking questions, to allow folks a few minutes to take in, digest & formulate a kind of response.”

“The Enneagram is neither dry psychology nor fuzzy mysticism but a tool for transformation that uses the clarity and insight of psychology as a point of entry into a profound and universal spirituality.”

~Riso & Hudson

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Sliding Scale Donation Structure:

Sliding Scale is a type of fee structure where people with more resources can pay a higher price and people with fewer resources can pay at a lower price. In this system the student determines the rate, no questions asked. There is an inherent trust, allowance, and collaboration in this system that honors both the time and experience of the teacher as well as intuition, income, and ability of the client.

That being said, PLEASE choose the highest level on the sliding scale that you can. A good rule of thumb is to pay at a price point that is a stretch but not a strain.

Grassroots educators are akin to artists and farmers: we rely on receiving a livable wage to continue to offer high quality education at an affordable price. If all students choose the lowest price point, these offerings will quickly become unsustainable. 

Other Details:

This workshop is offered with the spirit of community in mind. The minimum suggested donation is $45. 

When you click the Continue to Payment button, you will see a window popup for you to enter your payment information through STRIPE. Stripe is a secure platform and keeps your transactions safe.

There are no refunds for this workshop.

If you’d like to attend but don’t have the funds, please contact me via the contact information in the footer. No one turned away for lack of funds.

IN PERSON?: If you prefer to be part of this workshop in person (as opposed to online) in Asheville, NC, please let me know. There are a few of us gathering together and we’d be happy to include you.

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

~Joseph Campbell

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