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Through an Intimacy with All of Life

In Partnership with Embodied Awakening Conference

Walking Towards A Good Death—How Embodied Dying Practices Lead to an Ecstatic Life

May 5-11,2023


for Embodied Awakening Conference Attendees

You are here because you heard about this course in May 2023 from the conference. WELCOME!  This is the talk we gave:

Walking Towards A Good Death—How Embodied Dying Practices Lead to an Ecstatic Life

The body is the portal to the great mystery. It holds all our memories and the map of our future. In fact, the body contains all the elements needed for a positive and conscious death experience. As we deepen into embodiment, we simultaneously nourish and strengthen our eternal selves. Additionally, contemplating death offers profound access to presence, ecstasy, and immense gratitude. The fact that death is woven into every moment gives us plenty of opportunity for practice. Mary Lane & Lee Warren explore the concept of embodied dying and how it guides us to exquisite aliveness.

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Thank you for your interest in conscious dying education.

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