Conscious relating with self, land, and others.
Village Economics

A series of webinars leading to a 12 module Academy

Relational Leadership

A New Paradigm Approach to  Team Building & Organizational Success

April & May 2021

Being a strong, powerful, and brave leader means pioneering new ways of building teams. Gone are the days of the purely hierarchical structure. In its place are emerging collaborative, equitable, inclusive, trust-based, and mutually beneficial models of relating. 

These new paradigm teams are the future. Building them involves creating a strong foundation upon which a relational culture can be built. Learn about the foundational structures that cultivate a culture of appreciation, trust, honest communication, collective problem solving, and transparency. As a result of this rich and satisfying engagement, organizations and the people in them thrive. 

Join me for this introductory webinar on building relational culture. Expect thorough overview, dynamic discussion, one-on-one dialog and classmate engagement, take-away exercises, toolkit enhancement, and skill building. Appropriate for new and seasoned leaders alike. 


Conscious leaders from non-profit, small business, corporate, NGO, and government sectors. Anyone who is part of a team. Anyone who manages people, projects, groups, and organizations. Whether new to leadership or a long time manager, all participants will benefit from this support framework. 

Next Steps

A series of webinars is coming soon. Looking for partners who want to offer this program to their constituents and clients.

More Information Coming Soon

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Shared Experiences

  • Patricia Kyritsi Howell
  • Cat Matlock
  • Patricia Kyritsi Howell

    Writer, Teacher, Herbalist

    "Lee conveys the importance of end of life planning with humor and wisdom. Together our community group was able to thoughtfully explore these decisions we tend to avoid. The sense of relief many of us felt at the end of the day was palpable. What a gift for our friends and families as we take the burden of hard decisions off their shoulders by ensuring our wishes are known ahead of time! So grateful."

  • Cat Matlock

    Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, Entrepreneur

    "The End of Life workshop with Lee Warren helped me to organize my thoughts while also inviting me to honor my feelings and hopes for that time of life. Lee is an excellent facilitator."