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The Energetic Signature of Lyme Disease

Germs are not the Enemy

I’m personally not much of a germ theorist. Our culture has adopted a war-like metaphor to understand “germs,” the very things we’ve been cohabiting with since the beginning of time, as the enemy. Heck, the very things that we evolved from.

I know my belief system is somewhat of a contradiction given that I suffered with an infectious disease that debilitated my system for so long. Even still, I can’t get behind a world view that has nature as the enemy because I strongly believe nature is overwhelmingly (and despite her own best interest) on our side.

Years ago I learned to view bacteria, viruses, fungus, and parasites as the cleanup crew of the body, much as crows, vultures, worms, and mushrooms are the cleanup crew for the Earth. This paradigm fits much better with my holistic belief systems and science is starting to prove what I’ve long believed about cooperation instead of competition and the vast and miraculous mystery that is the natural world.

Spirochete Suspicions

Yet how do I reconcile that belief system with the tenacity of the spirochete as the cause of Lyme disease? Well I’m not entirely sure but I do tend think that there so much more to this than we know right now. Partly I believe that we are being bombarded with things that humans have never seen before – electro magnetic fields, endless screen time, depleted soil systems, excessive toxins in our water and air, and extreme social and relational disconnection and isolation.

One explanation that I toy with is that the Lyme causing spirochete has been altered in some significant way so that it’s now some kind of mutant. Otherwise I don’t think it would be so damaging or so difficult to get rid of. This could be due to human intervention or influenced by one or more of the factors mentioned above (EMF’s as an example). I know many folks in the Lyme community believe this and there is endless information out there to explore including Plum Island (man-made theory) and Dr. Klinghardt (EMF causing mutation theory). This makes sense to me especially in the context of Lyme creating such an immense load on the system. It feels like a smart entity.

The BIG Lessons of Lyme

These are the things that most long term Lymies come to eventually:

  • Lyme creates a huge toxic load on the system.
  • The available testing for Lyme isn’t reliable.
  • Life gets a bit (or a lot) smaller with Lyme.
  • Lyme puts us through the wringer.
  • There are very distinct changes in energy, cognition, and physical ability with Lyme.
  • Lyme forces us to slow down.
  • Ongoing support becomes necessary when suffering with Lyme.
  • Lyme sufferers MUST become their own healers.
  • Lyme sufferers MUST become their own advocates.
  • Lyme disease is sneaky and sophisticated. It takes on multiple forms and hides itself. It’s resistant to treatment.
  • Lyme sufferers have to constantly outsmart this disease.
  • Western medicine doesn’t get Lyme. They don’t even acknowledge the existence of chronic Lyme. And therefore they don’t research or treat it well. They are decades behind.
  • Lyme disease has become political.
  • Over time there is eventually a coming to peace with it all.
  • Over time most of us are grateful to be alive.
  • Over time, many of us are slowly rebuilding health.
  • Even after much time, many of us still have deficits.
  • Many of us are willing to do whatever it takes to feel well. Although some are not.
  • It’s safe to say that many of us have tried dozens or even hundreds of treatments.

My Big Lesson

For decades I wasn’t willing to see my condition as an enemy or as the “other.” I was wanting to work on my health through a context of nourishment, self care, and love. Yet as I got older, the symptoms got worse and worse. At points I was bedridden and forcing myself towards work and daily tasks. I spent weeks and months feeling debilitated and very ill.

One of the biggest take a way’s for me is that I had to be willing to be brutal. I had to be willing to do whatever it took to reduce and eliminate the infection. This is not the lesson I was expecting and one that I was reluctant to embrace. But it certainly paid off. Though in a long slow recovery, I am nowhere near the kind of sick that I was for year.

I have no idea why this was the lesson for me in particular. I’m still playing with these concepts and ideas and it might take a lifetime or more to understand the puzzle.

New Paradigm Lessons

One of the themes that I heard over and over again when I talked to long time Lyme sufferers of at least 15 years or more, is that Lyme Disease is some kind of upgrade. Here are some far-out, cosmic, and potentially enlightening perspectives that I’ve heard from long-term Lymies and folks who treat them:

  • I’m learning how to share my body with this bacteria who has come to teach me something.
  • Each disease organism is a different mutations. The genetic coding and the DNA sequences are sophisticated. It’s asking us to change ourselves rapidly.
  • Lyme is a harsh rebalancing process because humans aren’t paying attention.
  • Lyme is the first illness of climate change. We are the canaries in the coal mine. We are warning humanity.
  • I’ve learned to have a certain level of peace with it. Not get rid of it, but instead bringing a consciousness to it.
  • We are being asked to translate for nature. We don’t get a pass being an earth advocates.
  • Lyme is a illness of consciousness. We have to return to consciousness to heal from Lyme. It’s asking us to get conscious in our own lives.
  • The way we have to get so immensely impeccable with our health just in order to basically function. It’s a reset. It’s tuning us in so finely to what’s needed that we are developing super powers of awareness and attention.
  • When someone lives through Lyme disease and heals it, they are empowered for the rest of their lives.
  • Lyme comes from another planet, place, and/or time. It is being sent to us as a messenger and upgrade. Those of us who are receptive to this are receiving it. It is ultimately a gift.

Take what you will from these thoughts as there is no way to prove or disprove them. As I try them on, I notice feeling more expanded, more connected to all that is, and more empowered. That can only be a good thing.


There are endless resources out there. I hesitate to list them because it’s overwhelming. And you’ll be doing all your own research. Some day I will dig up what I feel to be the best resources. I’m going to list one because this woman is heartful and authentic and has a great website. Enjoy.

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Lee Warren

Lee Warren is reclaiming wisdom through conscious relating with self, land, and others. She has 25 years of experience envisioning, designing, and living innovative solutions to mutually empowered relationships, land-based food systems, residential community, non-violent communication, and sustainability education. She is the principle and founder of Reclaiming Wisdom, a co-founder of SOIL, School of Integrated Living, and a proponent of regenerative systems, consent culture, and authentic living. Lee is a writer, teacher, and activist, with an passion for embodiment practices, rural wisdom, sustainable economics, conscious dying, and community of all kinds.

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