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Through an Intimacy with All of Life

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The Gift of Aging—

Seeing the Aging Process with Kinder Eyes

Modern culture is youth obsessed.

But aging is not an accident. It’s an elegantly designed and natural unfolding. Aging is a gift. As long as we honor the process. From a place of acceptance. And not resistance.

Sometimes that’s easier said than done.

It can be hard to combat the myriad of messages coming at us to minimize, limit, and hide our aging process (it is for me!). 

Yet seeing the gifts embedded in aging can help.

An important place to start is knowing that aging is part of the important and never-ending cycles of life.

At its best, aging is a beautiful process of ‘refining’ and ‘condescending’ our essence. As we age, we tend to get more discerning about our energy, we often get pickier about our company, and thankfully, we focus our attention on the things that really matter to us.

However, as we get older, our experience tells us to take things less seriously. Our awareness of limited time encourages us to savor and enjoy as much as we can.

These are the precious and invaluable gifts born of wisdom!

James Hillman says, “Aging is no accident. It is necessary to the human condition, intended by the soul. We become more characteristic of who we are simply by lasting into later years; the older we become, the more our true natures emerge. Thus the final years have a very important purpose: the fulfillment and confirmation of one’s character.”

Tuning in to even deeper gifts of aging, we come to realize that aging helps us get better at living and loving. Regardless of our focus of attention, aging allows us the opportunity to keep noticing, practicing, and honing our abilities and skills. We become artists of life.

This is really good news!

When we sink into these tremendous gifts, we may notice an increase in awe and wonder. These are ecstatic states that come with an intimate relationship to the mystery.

These portals can actually be rewarding places to practice dying. Becoming more aware of our liminal selves, sometimes described as the non-physical part of us, is a powerful opportunity to die to each moment with grace and ease.

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