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Through an Intimacy with All of Life

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The Path of the Pioneer

What it means to be a death explorer…to see the gift of death!

I start all my death-related courses with an introduction to my three death philosophies, which are:

  1. Death is a gift.
  2. We are the pioneers
  3. What else is possible?

What I mean by “pioneer” is someone who is willing to entertain end of life discussions, question the standard cultural narrative around death, and explore the ins and outs of an intimacy with death.

Death is an invitation to keep your heart open

These are my people. 

The curious, the edge pushers, the questioners, the out-side-the-box thinkers. You are likely one of those people. Hello! And welcome to the rich conversation!

The reason we need death pioneers is because we have a death illiterate and death denying culture. That means that most of us, for most of our lives, are completely in the dark about what it means to die.

This leaves us bereft and ignorant and confused and scared. 

As a result, we tend to ignore, avoid, and try to escape it. Which only works for so long.

Yet if we had more access to actual death experience as well as death stories, movies, books, and traditions, we would have a way more robust relationship to life and to death. We would see death as part of life. 

Seeing the gift of death

We might even experience death positivity—appreciating death as part of an important cycle of nature, of divinity, and of us. 

Thankfully those experiences are emerging.

We can credit, in large part, the pioneers exploring natural death care, alternative burials and funerals, right to die experiences, end of life choices, and movements like hospice, death with dignity, and others.

Being death pioneers often means that we’re looking for new ways to approach our own and our loved one’s deaths. 

Approaches that include our own authentic expression, our lived values, and values we care about. Can we bring in more consciousness and presence and preparation? Can we encourage those we love to step into the inquiry with us?

My goal….

Through this newsletter, my courses, and my coaching, is to provide you with resources that illuminate these paths, offer support and structure in your explorations, and inspire a more profound engagement with death.

Together, let’s build comfort in discussing the undiscussable and, in doing so, foster a world that embraces death not as a taboo but as a fundamental, sacred aspect of life.

That’s the world I want to live, and die, in.

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