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Through an Intimacy with All of Life

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The Yin & Yang of Existence

Using the natural forces of opposites to help us cultivate an internal awareness.

According to Daoist wisdom, Yin and Yang are not just forces; they are the life and death of existence itself, the inextricable balance that sustains the universe. These principles, both opposing and complementary, are the essence of all that is. Their coexistence fosters balance, their interplay and engagement elicit life.

Yin forces are inward, mystical, restful, and integrating whereas Yang forces are active, outward, focused, and productive.

Seen In Nature

It can be seen in something as simple as a breath; each inhale (Yang) fills us with life, each exhale (Yin) surrenders to the cosmos. Likewise daytime is Yang and nighttime is Yin. Youth is more yang while elders are more Yin.

In all aspects of life, yang qualities support us in staying active in our bodies and minds. This is important for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. At the same time, being able to rest, to cultivate quiet, alone, and inward experiences are equally important for our health.

Yin Essence

Yet many of us don’t have much practice at cultivating a yin essence. Our society, with its relentless pursuit of efficiency, productivity, and ambition, often neglects the Yin. From a tender age, we are ushered into a rhythm of constant doing, which can leave the soul bereft.

Through the process of burnout and the desire for balance, we discover, often the hard way, the need for these Yin qualities—rejuvenation, regeneration, and repair.

Contemplating Death

Contemplating death is an incredible practice for learning the potent yin perspective. It is an opportunity to get better and better at surrender, receptivity, and presence. Such practice not only prepares us for a more conscious and peaceful passing (when the time comes) but enriches our lives with a presence that is available to each precious moment.

This week’s invitation:

See if you can cultivate some yin experiences today and this week. If you do, notice how the relationship with the inner world might guide your outer experience. I would love to hear about your results.

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