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Through an Intimacy with All of Life

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About Lee Warren

Meet Lee Warren, Death & Tantra Educator

Lee Warren of Reclaiming Wisdom

I  help people fall in love with existence through preparing for death.

I have helped hundreds of folks, of all ages and stages, use death preparation as a practice for more ecstatic aliveness.

As a Tantra and death educator, I know that life and death are interwoven lovers, two halves of the same whole.

As a mystic, I am committed to seeing death as a portal or journey for our spiritual selves.

As an embodiment practitioner, I am equally as committed to honor and support the sometimes messy and often heartbreaking aspects of the death & dying process.

My offer to you is more intimacy with death. That looks like ease, acceptance, and empowerment with the the end-of-life process (yours and others’).

It is my profound honor…

To help individuals and their loved ones achieve clarity about their end-of-life wishes, come to peace regarding death, and embrace the sacredness of their existential journey. 

I do this through heartfelt conversations, emotional presence and engagement, facilitated discussions,  meditation and mindfulness practices, education, personalized care plans, rituals and ceremonies, and support and resources. 

I believe…

  • We are wired to know how to die.
  • Contemplating death produces an increase in awe and wonder. These ecstatic states come with an intimate relationship to the mystery.
  • Together, we can transform death from a whispered fear to a profound dialogue.

Preparing for death, internally and externally, leads to death literacy, death acceptance, death positivity, and most importantly a profound connection to our own specific soul’s journey.

I do this work because I was born for it.
If you’d like to book a discovery call with me, click here. 

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