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Through an Intimacy with All of Life

About Lee Warren

Lee Warren of Reclaiming Wisdom

Meet Lee

Lee is a Steward of the Sacred, a Cheerleader of Liberation, a Champion of the Radiant Self, a Breaker of Outdated Norms, a Cultivator of Emerging Culture, a Shaman of Consciousness, a Strategic Provocateur, a Lover of the Real, a Conductor of Authenticity, a Networker of Intimacy, a Maker of Many Mistakes, a Seeker of Truth, a Student of the Mystery, a Proponent of Embodiment, An Advocate for Community, a Learner from the Natural World, and a Celebrant of our Imperfect Humanity.

Her Commitment

Lee Warren is devoted to personal and collective liberation through reclaiming the wisdom woven into every cell of our beings.
Her approach to this liberation is to romance the brilliance inherent in each one of us through cultivating a profound intimacy with self, others, and the mystery. 
She believes that this happens through gentle inquiry and self knowledge, coregulation with secure others, learning to receive and trust the flow of life, and blissfully enjoying every moment of the incarnation we are given. 

Her Work

At this juncture her work is education. Education in three main areas: Sex, Death, & Community. The synthesis of this is the study and practice of TANTRA and mysticism. 

Her Teachers

At an individual level, Lee has been a long-time apprentice of embodiment. Through the great gifts of somatic experiencing, trauma resolution, attachment repair, co-regulation, parts-work, tantra, and so many blessings, she is ever becoming more adapted, present, and alive. Her primary spiritual paths include building trust with the self, becoming fully incarnating, and rewiring the nervous system to fully attune to the great good fortune and profound mystery of existence. 
She is also an ongoing, humble, awe-struck, and grateful student of:
  • the land, which teaches her, lovingly, just how much she doesn’t know,
  • the creative life-force, which moves in her like an abundant and ever-flowing river, and
  • the soul, her soul, and the journey of the soul across time and space that guides her.
  • the inevitability of her own death, which teachers her to be gloriously alive in the now.
At a collective level, Lee has had privilege of living within the context of community, mostly rural, land-based, intentional community, for nearly 30 years. In that crucible, she has learned an unimaginable amount about relating to self, land, and others. It is because of this privilege that she is committed to  regenerating culture and reclaiming the wisdom that allows for a deeper intimacy with all life. 

My Mission & Vision…..

My Mission: To “pass a sacred transmission down my fractal line” by offering my leadership, learning, and insight in service to reclaiming wisdom (personal & collective).

My Vision: A world where folks are co-creating sane, pleasurable, liberated, integrated, cohesive, connected, and blissful lives. Within and without.

In Pleasurable Service to the Whole……

It is my great honor, my great pleasure, and my great responsibility to serve the whole.

Through Sacred Inquiry into, Deep Intimacy with, and Absolute DEVOTION to our own existence.

My goal with this website and my educational offerings on SEX, DEATH, & COMMUNITY is to be a resource and an inspiration for that journey.

If you’re here and reading this, you likely have a spark for the the sacred. 

Please know, we are all on this path together. I believe that every one of us brings innate wisdom, important gifts, and sacred guidance.

I see myself as a candle. To help illuminate the way for those who feel called by the mystical, sometimes invisible, often buried longing to find the wisdom ways of knowing. To reweave, with beloved others, more sane and soulful ways of being. 

Welcome to the my version of that journey.
I’m delighted you are here.

More About Lee

Community Living

Lee has lived in residential, land-based, place-based intentional community for more than two decades. At East Wind Community (1997-8), Acorn Community (1999-2001), Earthaven Ecovillage (2001-2013 full time and 2014-Present part time). Living, working, and co-creating on this type of canvas has been the apprenticeship of a lifetime. It has required stamina, perseverance, integrity, and a overarching commitment to personal and collective healing.  

Lee is a co-founder, co-designer, co-builder, and co-owner of the Village Terraces Cohousing Neighborhood within Earthaven Ecovillage, a community within a community. This collaboratively -designed, multi-residence, eleven-acre cohousing project based on the principles of sustainability, regenerative agriculture, extended family social systems, place-based resources, off-grid utilities, hyper-local economics, and ecological design systems. 

These days, Lee spends most of her time in Asheville, NC, where she cavorts, in delicious rapture, with her beloved community of queer identified folks who are building the new paradigm through nature, intimacy, pleasure, and shared reality.

Sacred Partnership

Primary relationship in the form of romantic, intimate, sacred union has been a throughline in this life. Through the tools of emotional intelligence, trauma informed relating, attachment theory, Non-Violent Communication, Lee is pioneering conscious coupling infused with Tantric practice, conscious kink, polyamory, and community. Stay tuned for more work in this area.

Agriculture & Farming

Lee is a proponent and lifelong student of sustainable agriculture. She was the co-founder, co-manager, lead farmer (2003-2013) of Imani Farm, a commercial micro farm focused on integrated animal agriculture. She was the Executive Director (2013-2020) of Organic Growers School, a 501c3 nonprofit with a mission to inspire, education, and support people to live, farm, and garden organically. She is an activist and advocate for local food systems, land-based economics, rural wisdom, and place-based growing traditions. 

Sustainability Education

Lee is the principal and founder of Reclaiming Wisdom, where she teaches, writes, and consults about conscious relationships with self, land, and others. She is also the co-founder of SOIL, School of Integrated Living, the non-profit school at Earthaven Ecovillage. SOIL inspires and empowers people to live responsible and creative lives through experiential education in integrated living and regenerative systems.

Lee offers workshops through the Foundation for Intentional Community (FIC) and teaches Village Economics, Place-Based Living, People-Care, and Regenerative Agriculture self-paced online learning programs through SOIL.

Lee was the program and promotions director for the Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference, a 1200+ person annual event, for eight years, from 2005 to 2013 and was part of a team of coordinators that hosted the 2002 and 2003 Permaculture Gatherings at Earthaven Ecovillage.

Conscious Dying

Through the crucible of lived-experience Lee offers end-of-life education. With much gratitude to both the dying and the communities that have so lovingly tended them, Lee’s work is able to support and influence others to walk towards their own good deaths. Details here


Lee aspires to articulate, through her writing, the complexities of community living, the dynamics of conscious relationship engagement, and the tenderness of being human. Please see her recent articles here

Healing & Relationships

Lee is deeply committed to healing from the inside out in order to live an open-hearted life guided by service to the whole. She has studied Clinical Herbalism (1999-2001), EFT (2003), EMDR (2015-Present), Enneagram (2004-Present), Family Constellations (2006-2015), Flower Essences (2021-Present), Gene Keys (2021-Present), Holistic Management (2018-Present), Inner Empathy (2004-2006), Non-Violent Communication (2001-Present), Racial Equity (2017-Present), Reflexology (1997-1998), Shamanism (1987-Present), Somatic Experiencing (2006-2012), and Tantra (2015-Present). 

She offers body-centered and trauma-informed teaching, NVC-informed conflict resolution, mediation, and facilitation, as well as coaching and consulting based on many of the above modalities.

What’s in it for me?

As a long-time student, practitioner, and teacher of  NVC (Non-Violent Communication), I believe the maxim that “everything we do in life is meeting our own sacred needs.”

So what needs of mine are being met by my service to the whole? Too many to count.

I do what I do because………..

  • I crave real, deep, authentic and truly connecting experience with others from my soul to their soul, from my essence to their essence.
  • An Intimacy with all life is the world I want to live in.
  • I feel most alive when I’m leaning into the edge of creativity and liberation. 
  • My goal is to keep expanding and evolving. Serving the whole provides me the fastest track to meet that goal.
  • I was born to be in the heart of the life/death/life temple and my calling is strong.
  • My soul says I must. It is my choiceless path. 

Gratitudes & Acknowledgements

Like most of us, I have been formed by others, by life, by circumstances, and by grace. I am infinitely blessed. I stand on many shoulders and follow many who have come before. A great big shout out to all my beloved teachers. Each one of them has contributed to my emergence as a halfway healthy human being.

My Ride or Die: To Sean for loving me in and out and up and down and all around and thick and thin and from here on out. The miracle of our love is present with me always. I cherish your guidance and treasure your existence.

The Longest Road: To Susan Patrice for her deep knowing, ongoing presence, and endless generosity of friendship for decades.

Also, Joseph Aldo (holistic healing), Ken Robins (somatic experiencing), Jerry Donoghue (parts-work and NVC), Evalena Rose (tantra), Cathleene Cienfuegos (tantra), Monique Darling (tantra), Eugene Hedland (tantra), Greg Besek (shamanism), Kathleen Maier (herbalism), Patricia Howell (herbalism), Althea Northage Orr (herbalism), Richard Rudd (Gene Keys), Sheila Saunders (Family Constellations), Reflexology (Laura Norman), Christine Caruso (Access Consciousness), Marshall Rosenberg (NVC), Gary Schwartz (EFT), Sally Fallon (nutrition), Caroline Yonge & Ruth Ostrenga (end of life), NikiAnne Feinberg (end of life), Sobonfu Some (end of life, community), Kimchi Rylander (end of life), Mary Lane (end of life), Sarah Taub (consent culture), Julia Taylor (consent culture), Patrick Davis (reflection), Sera Deva (millenial mentoring), Chuck Marsh (horticulture), Andrea Warren (for life), Phoenix Bartalos (lifetimes of learning), Reevaluation Counseling (co-counseling), Everyone at Earthaven Ecovillage (place-based living), Tyson Sampson (indigenous wisdom), The Southern Appalachian people (for the place I call home), and hundreds of others, family, friends, the more than humans, and spirit guides, who have contributed to my becoming.

A bone-deep gratitude for the Katuah Bioregion (the sacred land-base–soil, plants, water, and fauna–of Western NC) that I call home. May we walk in beauty on your great heart once again. In service to you, my life is dedicated to that goal.

Becoming deeply intimate with ourselves and our own existence sparks a moment to moment miracle.

It’s a wild erotic ride.

Alive beyond belief.

We are the source of all things!

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