Walking Towards a Good Death Audio Recordings // Feb/Mar 2023


Recordings of the last “Walking Towards a Good Death” Course Recorded in February & March 2023.

This LIVE workshop contains educational components combined with discussion, integration, and contemplation. There are also simple awareness exercises for your in depth home study. To get the most out of this deep experience, plan to devote solid time and attention to this process as you go through these four recordings.



AUDIO RECORDING from “Walking Towards a Good Death” Course in Feb/Mar 2023.

This four week introduction to the internal process of preparing for a good death is a contemplation of four sacred ingredients: Letting Go, Soulfulness, Presence, and Receiving. For more details about the course and bio’s of Mary Lane & Lee Warren. 

We have everything we need for a positive and conscious death experience. It is our birthright. In truth, it’s standard internal equipment for all humans–we are wired for it. Yet we must nourish the components of our infinite selves in order to access and enhance this birthright.

As we walk towards death during our lives, the hope is to fully show up for our finale and transition in an energetic resonance of love and acceptance. Paradoxically and unsurprisingly, these principles and practices lead to a more ecstatic life.


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