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Rental Details

For Goddess & Dragon Apartments

An in-person visit to Earthaven Ecovillage and to Village Terraces Cohousing Neighborhood is required prior to rental So see the place for yourself. Viewing of the apartment is by appointment only. Please see next steps for details on how to move forward.

What Is Provided

    • A private apartment (288 sq. ft interior space) in a hand-built, timber-frame home.
    • Covered deck space on the 3rd floor North Side and some outdoor shelves.
    • Dragon has outdoor seating area.
    • Common-walled building with separate entrance to this apartment.
  • FURNISHING: Both GODDESS apartment and DRAGON apartment are furnished. Please see photos.
  • COMMON KITCHEN: Access to a large, shared, common kitchen (700 square feet with industrial stove/oven and all the accessories).
  • COMMON AREAS: Access to a shared common bathroom and common office and den space as well as commonly used workshop with shared tools & equipment.
  • NEIGHBORHOOD Land: Access to land for gardening. Farming land available as well through a separate lease.
  • FACILITIES: Neighborhood common off-grid utilities and systems include heat, electric, water, & waste systems. A separate utilities charge will be applied to support these regenerative systems – see below.
  • FARM: A beautiful pasture-based 4-acre farm surrounds the neighborhood. It is accessible for some use based on specific agreements to be discussed.
  • HOSTING: I will host your formally and someone on site will host you informally. Hosting allows you the opportunity to be an ecovillage resident and supporting member for the length of your stay and farm lease. This gives you access to most Earthaven meetings and events, all of Earthaven’s social events, and most of our 329 acres of land.

 What You Provide

  • LEASE: A 3-6 month lease.
  • RENTAL FEES: $650 per month, payable on the 1st of the month.
  • UTILITY FEES: $85 per month fee.
  • WORKDAY: One 3-hour workday per month per adult for Village Terraces Neighborhood or pay $15 per hour to landlord.
  • FIRE BUILDING SHIFT: All of our heat and hot water comes from building fires in our central boiler system. You will be responsible for running the heat one day per week from October to April and taking a turn as needed from April to October.
  • CLEANUP: Regular clean for the common kitchen at Village Terraces
  • EARTHAVEN FEES: $30 per month plus a one-time administrative fee of $25, per adult. If you bring a car to Earthaven, you will be also be responsible for the Earthaven vehicle fee, which is $15 per month.
  • EARTHAVEN COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS: Four hours per week per adult resident.
  • TELEPHONE & INTERNET: You are responsible for our own phone service (possible to share a joint phone account with others in the building). Internet is available on the land but it is slow. Cell phone service is not available at Earthaven.

Apartment For Sale

Hummingbird & Dragon Apartments are for sale as one unit.

Get More Details

Please read all of the below linked pages and fill out the application on the Next Steps page.

All Apartments For Rent….

Dragon Apartment

Studio, 2 room, 3rd floor, $650 plus $85 per adult

Hummingbird Apartment

4 room, 2rd floor, Kitchen, $975 plus $85 per adult

Goddess Apartment

Studio, 2 room, 3rd floor, $650 plus $85 per adult

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