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Farm for Lease

Farm For Lease

At Earthaven Ecovillage

Available March 2016.

We are taking time off from production and are looking to lease out parts or all of the farm property and infrastructure. This is a well-managed and maintained working farm which has been focused on “grass-based” farming systems. The farm has been operating organically and practicing sustainable farming methods since its inception in 2004. Photos and details about the farm’s previous operations here. This farm is ideal for a mixed vegetable and animal (on rotational grazing) systems.

This farm is best used for mixed use – including small scale livestock production as there are lots of paddocks, small structures, and equipment to manage livestock. Large scale vegetable production is possible on probably 2 acres (upper pasture). In that case, farmer would need to have tractor, irrigation, soil improvement experience.

Included in the lease:

  • Approximately 4 acres of fenced farm area (2.8 upper, 1.3 lower). Mostly pasture.
  • Chicken proof Perimeter fencing on 100% of the farm (2″x4″ welded and woven wire fencing).
  • Stand-pipes throughout much of the farm with either spring water or well water.
  • Electricity in both the upper and lower farm parcels.
  • Multiple paddocks for livestock or for veggie production area and to fence out livestock.
  • Timber-frame chicken coop (predator proof) for up to 250 birds.
  • Portable chicken coop for 20-40 birds.
  • Shade structures and nest boxes for a pastured poultry operation.
  • Chick/duckling coop for young fowl.
  • Pond
  • Portable fencing systems including energizer, step-in posts, poultry netting, electric twin, and accessories.
  • Trailer that can be pulled behind a car or truck.
  • Various farm equipment and tools.
  • Animal feeders of all kinds and sizes.
  • Milking parlor and stanchion.
  • Extra fencing material and plenty of lumber as needed.
  • Plucker and other slaughter equipment.
  • Shared use of a Husqvarna Tiller and shared use of a tractor.
  • Supportive owners who can help design, strategize, support, and provide workday labor (if desired).

Not included in the lease: There is no livestock on the farm now – all photos are from previous usage. Perennial orchard access will be shared with owners.

Lease terms are negotiable and can include work trade for part or all of the lease fee. We want to see farmers on this land and are willing to support someone to really make that happen. We are pro-farmer.

You must have some farming experience to be here. We can guarantee you that you won’t make a living if you are new at this. Ideally you have a farm plan and financial understanding.

It is not a requirement to live at Earthaven Ecovillage in order to lease this farm but there are advantages. Being close to the farm, integrated into the community, and supported by neighbors can be worthwhile and rewarding. There is an housing available for lease in the Village Terraces Cohousing Neighborhood which the farm is a part of. Details here. There are also other rentals available at Earthaven Ecovillage. Details here.

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