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Through an Intimacy with All of Life

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Lee Warren of Reclaiming Wisdom

Welcome to Reclaiming Wisdom

I’m so glad you are here!

I am in a deep transformation process that’s calling me to serve my soul in beautiful ways. 

I am not taking clients for the foreseeable future. If you have an urgent need (Lyme Disease or Enneagram specifically) please email me (contact info in the footer) and I can likely make time.

Towards a Deeper Intimacy with Life…

Living soulfully is to be guided by the clearest voice and the highest purpose.

I offer reflection, support, engagement, and guidance in order to live with more clarity, embodiment, awareness, and intimacy.

Intimacy means a more full, alive, and direct relationship with the object of our attention.

Intimacy means that this beloved other (project, goal, person, object) lives in our heart and in our body/mind as an important and sacred relationship.

It implies a sentience to all life.  

“What we are seeking is also seeking us.” Rumi

All Coaching is with…

Lee Warren

My coaching style relies heavily on the following practices and modalities:

  • Trusting the Self – The idea that we “know” and “have” everything internally that we need for this life. Our soul has innate wisdom, that if we listen, is always guiding us. 
  • NVC (Non-Violent Communication) – This work translates all actions (ours and others) through the lens of sacred feelings and needs.
  • Parts Work – Welcomes all parts of us as an important voice in our life’s journey.
  • Community – We are in this together and no amount of separation myths can keep us from that deep knowing.
  • Presence – There is no greater gift we can give to each other than our time and attention and interest.
  • Embodiment – Our bodies are our dearest friends and biggest allies. Becoming more embodied leads to more aliveness.
  • Emergent Culture – The culture we want is calling us forward. 
  • Trauma Informed – The compassionate awareness that arises out of understanding that our tender human nervous systems combined with our toxic culture often create dynamic challenges as we find our way towards wholeness.

For more details about my bio, please see the About page. 

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For Coaching

Sliding Scale Donation Structure:

Sliding Scale is a type of fee structure where people with fewer resources can pay a lower price and people with more resources can pay a higher price. In this system the student determines the rate, no questions asked. There is an inherent trust, allowance, and collaboration in this system that honors both the time and experience of the teacher as well as intuition, income, and ability of the client.

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