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Holistic Goal Setting for Intentional Community Seekers

One-on-One with Lee Warren

Holistic Goal Setting for Intentional Community Seekers

Discover your holistic goal and outline your path to your ideal community!

Holistic Goal Setting, as defined by Holistic Management International, is famous in the sustainable agriculture world.

It allows individuals, families, and organizations to create a written statement of that person or groups values-based vision for success and sustainability.

The structure invites the best possible good for the people, the land, and the community. It’s a win, win, win.

Putting goals into words is a very important step on the journey to realizing your goals. 

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For a Holistic Goal Setting for Intentional Community Seekers

The cost for a Holistic Goal Setting Coaching Session is $50-250 for a one hour session.

Sliding Scale represents a type of fee structure where people with fewer resources can pay a lower price and people with more resources can pay a higher price. In this system the client determines the rate, no questions asked. There is an inherent trust, allowance, and collaboration in this system that honors both the time and experience of the coach as well as intuition, income, and ability of the client.

When you click over to PayPal it will populate with $150 default. Please change the rate to whatever along the scale you are willing and able to pay. 

Lee is not currently taking clients for Holistic Goal Setting. Please stay tuned for an online workshop through SOIL on a Holistic Goal Setting Workshop for Community Seekers.

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