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Through an Intimacy with All of Life

In Partnership with Community Finders 

Intentional Community Summit

Discover intentional community living and find your people.

Free Summit Happened on April 5-7, 2023

The Intentional Community Summit was a free, 3-day online event featuring 12 of the world’s foremost experts on community living, so you can pursue your community vision with confidence.

It all built up to the live Community Matchmaking Event which happened on April 8th from 1-3pm Eastern. Speed dating rounds will utilize software to ensure you spend quality time with the people you want as part of your community.

You can still buy access to the Summit here:

Free Resources for Participants of the Intentional Community Summit 2023

Enter your name and email below and you’ll receive the free resources that Lee Warren spoke about in her interview. This does NOT register you for the summit. Go here for Summit registration. 

Lee Warren’s Talk at the Intentional Community Summit

Here’s a replay of the talk between Cynthia Tina and Lee Warren during the Community Finder’s Intentional Community Summit in April of 2023. For the transcript and other goodies, go here. 

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