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Through an Intimacy with All of Life

Interview with Communitarian Lee Warren


Join us for a conversation with Lee Warren, community resident, founder, and educator with 25 years and counting as a communitarian.

Lee has a fascinating story and useful perspective as someone who has spent a majority of their life in intentional community, mostly at Earthaven Ecovillage in North Carolina. Lee is now teaching about the ins and outs of community living so that future communitarians can become skilled up for life in cooperative culture. Join FIC Co-Director, Cynthia Tina, for an hour-long conversation with Lee to glean her wisdom from decades of experience. We’ll hear about what it means to be a communitarian, how the intentional communities movement has evolved over the years, and nuggets of advice for those of you who want to start or join a community yourself.

What you’ll get from the experience:

  • Insightful stories from Lee’s community journey
  • A taste of Earthaven from a resident and neighborhood co-founder
  • Better understanding for the skills needed to live in community
  • Perspective on the wider communities movement and its role in society
  • Network building with fellow participants
  • Space to ask your questions!

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FIC, intentional community

Lee Warren

Lee Warren is reclaiming wisdom through conscious relating with self, land, and others. She has 25 years of experience envisioning, designing, and living innovative solutions to mutually empowered relationships, land-based food systems, residential community, non-violent communication, and sustainability education. She is the principle and founder of Reclaiming Wisdom, a co-founder of SOIL, School of Integrated Living, and a proponent of regenerative systems, consent culture, and authentic living. Lee is a writer, teacher, and activist, with an passion for embodiment practices, rural wisdom, sustainable economics, conscious dying, and community of all kinds.

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