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My MMS Protocol for Curing Lyme Disease


I cured my Lyme disease primarily through using MMS or Master Mineral Solution or Miracle Mineral Supplement. This anti-microbial compound was discovered as a health agent by Jim Humble who was using it to sanitize drinking water and found that it cured malaria. MMS works as an oxidant, much like ozone, and has the ability to target pathogens. You can read all about it in the resources I’ve listed below.

This product is controversial and you’ll have to listen to your own intuition and take your own chances. Most Lyme sufferers are so desperate that they are willing to try anything. This was the case for me. And I’m so grateful that I did try it. I only wish I had done so sooner. And skipped the antibiotics.


After a year of being on antibiotics, my health was the same or worse, and the side effects from the drugs were getting to be too much for me. The year of treatment was brutal and wrecked havoc on my digestive system, which was already struggling from years of Lyme. I was so reactive to the drugs that I started breaking out in mouth ulcers and had to discontinue their use.

I had read about the MMS years before but it was at this juncture that I had nothing else to loose. I was completely done with the antibiotics and I knew the Lyme wasn’t gone. So I figured it couldn’t be worse than what I just went through.


I really hate the taste of the MMS and I was working full time so taking something every hour, as advised in the Protocol 1000 through 4000, was unrealistic. I had also read the enemas can be as powerful as intravenous without having to go to a health care practitioner. I’m all about DIY and wanted to try something strong at home.

I resolved to do enemas every 36 hours for as long as it took to get rid of the Lyme. It ended up being three months. Every 36 hours gave my body a chance to heal from the last treatment and but it was soon enough that the infection couldn’t take over again.

To Purchase

  • MMS. I buy here but there are lots of options. Look around online.
  • Enema Bucket. Example here. Buy plastic, not metal. They say not to use metal of any kind but I’ve was using a stainless steel enema bucket and it seemed fine. To be sure, use glass or plastic.


  • Warm up a pint of water to slightly above body temperature and put it in a quart jar. It will be half warm water and half empty. Because a pint is half of a quart.
  • In a separate glass container (with a little nipple at the bottom so the solutions can mix) put in one drop of sodium chlorite and one drop of activator (HCL in my case). Let it sit for 30 seconds. This makes the chlorine dioxide solution.
    • See resource section below for videos about mixing and other protocol suggestions.
    • I started with one drop and worked my way up to 15 drops over three months.
  • Add a pint of room temperature water to that now combined (and amber color) chlorine dioxide solution in the glass container. Add this mixture to the warm water in the quart container. Now you have a quart of water (a pint from the warm water and a pint from the MMS solution).
  • Make sure the temperature is warm enough to feel soothing in your body but not too warm to burn you. Adjust the temperature as needed. You will get the hang of this after a couple of tries.
  • Add this quart of water with the MMS (should look yellowish) to the enema bucket.
  • Give yourself an enema.
    • Use some kind of lube on the insert end. Coconut oil is fine. I use Emu oil.
    • I would often do the quart in two sessions – one that would come out fairly soon and the second one which I could hold in for longer.
    • Hold as long as comfortable. You can work your way up to holding longer over time.
    • Do something enjoyable as you are holding the enema water. You want to make this a pleasurable experience.
    • If the body needs to evacuate, let it. That’s why it’s great to do a 2nd round because it’s easier to hold that round for 10-20 minutes or even longer.
  • Let yourself rest during and after the enema.
  • Do enemas as often as you feel you can tolerate.

Other Thoughts

  • MMS is not bleach. Many people have cured many illnesses using this treatment and no one has been harmed or died from MMS. That’s not something the medical community can claim for its treatments. Do your research. There’s much controversy out there but the effectiveness of this treatment for others convinced me.
  • I did enema‘s every 36 hours because when I tried every day it was too much (drained and wrung out feeling).
  • Try not to eat a big meal before doing the enemas although I feel fine eating afterwards.
  • My body would sometimes go into a series of big spasms after an enema. I sense it was reacting to the MMS. The MMS is harsh. For sure. And so is Lyme disease. I believe it took that level of harsh treatment to expel it.
  • It’s good to really look at your poo because I ( others on MMS) have had long stringy mucous things come out that some people call “rope worms.” Rope worm information here, and here, and here, and here. I don’t have an opinion on this and I can believe that it’s mucus and I can also believe that it’s something more. Find out for yourself.
  • I got nearly immediate relief of symptoms (within a week).


Overview Video(I recommend starting here).

Equally inspiring is Kerri Rivera who has been curing kids of autism with MMS and completely banned from youtube:

Banned Video about MMS curing Malaria

Facebook support group

Jim Humble’s Book can be found here and here. Jim Humble’s Website:

How it works, some scientific articles here and here


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